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you + Harkan FIlms

Whether you’re looking for ads, social media posts, stunning website details, or influencer content we know you’ll be impressed with your investment in Harkan Films. We work closely with you to bring you videos you’ll be proud of and that will make you money! We work with brands of all sizes- from small start ups to established corporations. Contact us to talk more about your project.

Our videos make sales

We’ve created social media and investor content for the largest crowd funded show to date (which has raised over $11,000,000), created multiple kick starter ads that have each raised more than four times their financial goal, and helped a recent client receive a 400% return of investment on our services after launching their video ad campaign. What can we help you do?


“We recently had the opportunity to work with Harkan Films and have nothing but great things to say about them. We take our brand image extremely seriously and would trust them time and time again to produce on brand content. One of the things that we really appreciated about them was their artistic approach videography. While there are many people who can get a “job” done for you we really valued the their artistic eye and the ability to create something that was unique and on brand for us. Despite our many opinions, Harkan Films was always gracious and willing to do what needed to be done to make sure that we were happy with the end result. Their ability to create exactly what you need is a sure thing. Outside of their skillset they are a blast to be around! Always positive, happy and just enjoyable. I look forward to working with them in the future and would definitely recommend them for any job.”

“Harkan Films has a knack for realizing the emotion in a real-life story and weaving it perfectly into their visual story-telling. We’ve met none more dedicated to their craft. Not only do they put their ALL into the production process, but they’re such incredible people to be around. We're currently working on a 50-state adventure-documentary together, something so dear to our hearts, and we had no hesitation teaming up with them to help it reach its full potential.”