we are harkan films

Harkan Films is a boutique cinematography service. We help brands with all of their video needs and customize each and every project for our clients.

We are passionate about creating brand videos that inspire consumers to take action. We aim to work with brands and people who have great purpose to do good in the world and in their communities.

Our team finds inspiration from music, the outdoors, and learning from other creators. We are incredibly visual and always have the video rolling in our heads and on paper before it’s even created.

All of Harkan Films projects are filmed on a RED Dragon X to provide our clients with amazing quality content. We’ve invested in YOU and only use professional cinema gear. Visit our Commercial page to learn more about what we can do for you.

Created by husband and wife team Bryce and Mackenzie Harper-Smith, Harkan Films was born from home videos and camcorders. Bryce’s love for cinematography started at a young age as he watched his dad capture important memories on video tape. His raw and natural talent has brought him incredible opportunities in the film industry.

Thanks for joining us!